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As we approach the end of the year  and look back on some the images we have produced it gives us even more impetus to create even better work next year. We are already casting for models and planning trips to Amsterdam and back to Wales again. Its been a great year

Zara Watson & Stephen Perry.

November saw a foray down south  to Kensington in London. We were travelling down to meet  fashion model Zara Watson and her partner Celebrity Photographer Stephen Perry. 


The shoot was in a former meditation centre that is due for demolition, to be replaced with a contemporary dwelling with a value in excess of £20 million !


As well as letting us use his lighting equipment Stephen was on hand to offer suggestions which were greatly received. Its not every day you meet a photographer who has shot the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Cheryl Tweedy, and even David Bailey!


Eight hours flew by and we left knowing we had some great images in the bag. After a 21 hour day it was great to reflect on what a great experience the day had been.

Jessica Benson

August saw the visit of Jessica for a '50 Shades of Grey' themed shoot and  we were pleased to have her visit the studio before her impending relocation to Los Angeles. This is the third time we have worked together and its always produced great results.

Vivian Blue

In July Heather (Vivian Blue) was our model for the day having travelled up from from Stoke, we created some great images. As usual the time flew by

Rhianna Grey.

June saw the visit of Donna (Rhianna Grey) to the studio, thankfully she was able to do the shoot at short notice due to another well known model leaving us in the lurch at the last minute. We were very grateful she accepted the shoot so late in the day.

Portmeirion Photoshoot

The 21st/22nd May saw us travel to darkest Wales, three photographers and two models and all the photographer paraphanalia made our way there hoping the weather would be kind. Luckily for us the weather was great and we created some great images

Trial Run

Last weekend (24/04/16) saw a brief trip to North Wales in preparation for our  forthcoming photoshoot. Checking locations for suitability and access proved interesting, getting stuck in a ever diminishing lane at one point whilst trying to work out the best route to the beach. Having Shannon along for the day enabled me to do a couple of test shots as well as check a couple of dresses for suitability.


Its going to be an epic weekend, four photographers, two models, and the great welsh countryside.


On The Street

last Sunday (10/4/16) we had a little jaunt into Manchester for a bit of street fashion ( with Shannon) Even had the chance to introduce her to my favourite coffee shop - Takk.

Wales Location Shoot.

Plans are going well for our organised fashion shoot weekend in Wales. We intend to shoot in and around Portmerion and Porthmadog, if the weathers bad there are options - or even the pub! Rooms are booked and photographers sorted. The models for the weekend are booked and are going to be Stacey Melling and Shannon Hayes, expectations are the weekend will be epic.

Game Of Thrones Actress Portia Victoria - aka Valis Volkova.

Last weekend (early April) we were fortunate to secure a shoot with Game Of Thrones Actress Portia Victoria. Portia models under her alternate name Valis Volkova. Not only is she an actress and model but is also a classically trained singer. We also had a guest photographer with us, Phil Antrobus who graciously brought Portia to the studio. Latex was the subject of the day as Portia had brough a number of latex items, some of her own and some borrowed from designers. 


End of March saw Shannon return to the studio, as it wasnt a last minute thing (like the first occasion where she saved the day) i actually had a plan. 


March saw the visit of International Fashion Model and Blogger Jen Brook. Jen has travelled extensively round Europe and last year was in Fiji for a shoot with Von Wong. We also had MUA/Designer Nina Kurtzweil with us in the studio who created a dress for us as well as some head pieces. A brilliant collaboration resulting in some great images. You can normally tell when you cant decide which images to edit, this was one of those days.


At the weekend (end of February) we where due to photograph Lara, a model/fire eater for a budoir shoot, complete with Katrina Entwistle Dean,  our MUA for the day. unfortunately 48 hrs earlier she informed us she had had a accident resulting in 3rd degree burns so it was decided we would find another model. Despite the short notice we arranged to shoot with a new, aspiring model, Shannon Hayes. This was her first ever shoot and both myself and Ian thought she was excellent. I can honestly say I have never photographed a (new) model where the session has breezed along with ease, producing some excellent images which I hope will help her create her Portfoliio and  we look forward to working with her again.


Early February saw the visit of Stephanie Dubois, a versatile, professional model from Warrington. signed with RMG model Agency and also  HMA - Hair Models Agency. We where fortunate to shoot her after her return from London where her hair had been colour and styled for a shoot representing a West End Salon.

First Official Shoot.

Our inaugural shoot place recently with the lovely Katie Baxendale, we had a brief but very productive shoot. unfortunately the weather had took a turn for the worse and the temperature was barely above zero. Despite two heaters going at full blast it was a bit on the cold side though Katie, being the true profesional never complained once


The studio facilities have been tested with a couple of trial photoshoots and everything as pretty ready. Our new wall set is almost complete and just requires painting.

New Studio!

It is with great pleasure we would like to inform you of our new studio facility. Located in the Blackburn/Darwen area once complete it will provide a base for all our studio based photography.


As well as our fashion work we will be available for portfoliio work and mini photoshoots. If you would like further information please contact us on 07787111515 or send us a Email.


Ibiza Shoot

In early June we flew out to the San Antonio Bay area of Ibiza, partly as a holiday but also to shoot the lovely Emily Doll and Tara Sarrionandia. Despite unwanted attention from the guys on the 360 jet boat who seemed to think it was a spectator sport the shoot went well and produced some great shots

Since returning to the UK Emily informed me an American publication loved the images she had forwarded to them and wanted us to supply more images, a good day all round.

Road Trip.

Last weekend saw the annual pilgrimage to pray at the alter of all things photographic - The Photography Trade show at the NEC in Birmingham. Myself and two fellow photographers made the journey to check out the latest gear and say hello to the many photographers, speakers, and models we knew. After about 5 hours and wallets somewhat lighter we made our way home.

Millwood Studio Shoot

Last weekend saw our most ambitous project yet, 7 models, 5 photographers, and 2 mua's. all based in one of the best studios in the North West, Millwood Studio in Stalybridge. 


Our makeup team, Katrina Entwistle-Dean and Hannah Stredder, did a great job with our models creating some great looks. The Models for the morning where Tilly Tails, Jessica Benson, Emma Harrison, and Karen R. Tilly was a delight initially shooting her in a red trouser suit (which was actually Jessica's - so i'm told) Jessica was shot in a 'mediteranian style' setting whilst Karen was rocking a 'Daisy Duke' look for a barn set. Emma was in an exquisite dress by Chio Ohajuru for some fashion images


After a hectic morning setting various lighting setups whilst the girls where in makeup, we were off, multiple shooting in various locations for a mixture of Fashion, Vintage, and Boudior. After breaking for lunch with Jessica (who was staying with us all day) Katrina and Hannah we were ready to go again.


  The Models for the afternoon where Linzi, Jade, and Jessica. Linzi was waiting in the studio when we returned from lunch. Into Makeup whilst we made adjustments to lights and sets. Linzi was first for a lingerie shoot, at one point balancing on top of a piano!  Katrina had done Jessica's hair for a new look for a boudior shoot on the four poster bed at the studio, Hannah had been working with Jade for a vintage look.

Behind The scenes

Linzi was doing aerobics on top of the piano which was now in its second location whilst Jessica was in the Boudior set. Jade was in the cove being shot by Phil

Whilst Waiting For the Girls - Time for A Profile Picture, Photo by Ian 'Mac' McCutcheon



The Andrew Appleton Experience.

Model: Jen Brook
Model: Jen Brook
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